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Our Services

Market & Keyword Research

For any business to be successful online, they must thoroughly understand the market conditions, the buyer behaviour, and the activity of their competitors. We perform a detailed analysis of these three key areas in order to develop the foundations for online success.

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Responsive Website Design

Clik Marketing uses responsive web design technology, built on the world leading WordPress CMS framework, to develop an appealing and engaging website experience, that is cross-functional with all web browsers and the latest mobile phone and tablet devices.

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Australian Website Hosting

Utilising the latest Australian based web hosting technology and infrastructure, Clik Marketing provides Enterprise level hosting for your business ensuring the fastest possible speed, 99.9% uptime reliability, and high-level SSL security for your website and email services.

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Monthly Web Maintenance

With web technology rapidly evolving our website maintenance program ensures your website remains up to date, fully functional and completely secure with the latest WordPress framework, plugins, licenses and security settings adjusted, and your data safely backed up each month.

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SiteCover Management

To make the process of ongoing website management easier and more cost effective, Clik Marketing introduced a website management program called SiteCover which merges all ongoing website costs into one simple payment which is also fully tax deductible.

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Social Media Management

Social Media plays a vital role in effectively marketing your products, services and branding to your target audience online. Clik Marketing’s management plan ensures you display a professional image and have consistent messaging across your website and social channels.

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Search Engine Marketing

Through targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) your business can gain quick momentum and high exposure to your target audience online. Clik Marketing provides experienced and certified Google Ads campaign management tailored to meet your specific business goals and budget level.

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ReMarketing Advertising

ReMarketing is an advertising strategy that maintains contact with potential customers after they visit your website. Clik Marketing’s ReMarketing service uses Google and Facebook to deliver targeted ads to those who have already visited your website leading to higher conversion rates and return on investment (ROI).

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Implementing an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is paramount to developing a successful online business. Clik Marketing’s wealth of experience in this area ensures your business achieves high rankings and visibility in the Google search results.

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