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Through effective Search Engine Optimisation, you can strategically position your business above your competitors in the search results, and directly target the buyers in your market for the lion’s share of profits. SEO is a long-term strategy which requires time and investment, but the reward is well worth the effort.

The fundamental principle of good SEO has never changed over the years – provide good quality content that best matches the search phrase criteria and for this you will be rewarded.

what exactly is seo?

exploring the fundamentals of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is essentially comprised of two core elements which are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO (both explained below). The overall aim of SEO is to convince Google that your website content is the most relevant & appropriate to display at the top of the search results for the keyword phrase being searched.

This relates to optimising your website content and meta tags (title, descriptions, headings and images) to specifically relate to your chosen keyword phrase/s. It’s about making your content the most relevant for the search query.

This is also known as ‘external SEO’ and relates to building high quality, relevant links from third party sources pointing back to your website using the specific keyword phrase (backlinks). This helps Google further determine the relevance of your page with respect to the search phrase, thus establishing your search ranking.

the two core elements of SEO

Both of these are essential for success with SEO, however more weight with respect to achieving top rankings comes from the quality and quantity of the backlinks you have. We follow strict protocols with our SEO service to ensure the best possible result whilst still meeting the guidelines and criteria set by Google.

SEO performance tracking

SEO Reporting

With a commercial license for the best SEO software in the industry, we provide the most comprehensive tracking and reporting analysis available. This allows us to perform a full SEO audit of your website, explore every aspect of your competitors SEO strategy (and beat it), undertake in-depth backlink and content research, and track and monitor your SEO campaign performance in real-time.

Our proven SEO formula identifies exactly how your top competitors are ranking and what we need to do to help you compete with them head on.

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