Keyword & Market Research

Solid market and keyword research is arguably the most important aspect of your online strategy. To develop a strong foundation for online success, you must thoroughly understand the market factors, your competition and the extent of their online activity, and most importantly buyer behaviour and purchasing characteristics.

Choosing the right tools for keyword and market research can make the difference between ultimately dominating your market segment or missing the mark altogether.

online market analysis

We perform a detailed analysis of these three key areas in order to develop the core foundations for your online strategy.

in-depth keyword research

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them – by deep exploration of keywords across their entire market segment/s.

  • Identifies the most commercially viable keyword phrases
  • Finds new opportunities to grow and expand your business
  • Predicts expected website traffic volume for every keyword
  • Outlines approximate ad costs & competition level
  • Cuts out wasted phrases and non-buyer specific terms
  • Provides a clear strategy and direction for optimisation

researching the three key areas

The first step in undertaking research for your business is to determine the online market size of your industry. In most cases you’ll either be focusing on a local level or national level, but it’s equally important to understand the commercial size and value as a starting point.

Once we’ve determined your market size we next need to identify the level of potential buyers in your market. Through our extensive online data tools we can see what percentage of web searches are actually buyers and the frequency of this traffic.

It’s important to know what sort of competition you’re up against and how active they are online. It can actually be quite beneficial to have strong competition as this tells you there is money to be made in your market! We have a suite of tools we can use to analyse every aspect of your competitors activity and plan accordingly.

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Meah Robertson
Director, LifeStart Naturopathics

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